Are you unsure about whether the article you are reading has any credible and reliable sources? Or perhaps you are tired of articles making assertions without referencing any sources? Or maybe you feel sketched out by articles that refer to their own internal sources without referring actual scientific research?

If so, do a quick check of the article’s references using Quackcheck. With Quackcheck you can quickly identify what sources the article you are reading cite. Or whether they even cite any sources aside from themselves in the first place!

Want to find out more about why Quackcheck was created? Check out this blog post.

Download or Install

We have 3 different solutions available to curious quackcheckers:

  1. Chrome extension
  2. Firefox extension
  3. Telegram Bot (new!)


  • Find out what websites that are linked by an article
  • Count the number of links that come from each website
  • Directly go to the websites linked, and each individual sources (Chrome and Firefox extensions only)

Contact Us

Any feedback or questions? Reach out to me at joel@puny.ai.